Newborns- Infants

                          6 weeks to 1 year

Every moment with your baby is precious. From rocking and crawling to cooing and music time we will provide a "home away from home" where your baby can explore and make new discoveries all in a clean and healthy environment. Skool Kidz nurturing program is based on baby's immediate needs as well as parent's request. Space is limited to ensure your baby the special intimate time to cuddle in familiar arms creating a happy content baby. Some of the developmental skills that Skool Kidz have incorporated in the daycare is as follows:

  • MOTOR SKILLS are introduced by grasping, sorting and stacking play items such as blocks, animal figures, and teething rings.
  • TUMMY TIME is a fun happy time when baby laughs while increasing their core muscles.
  • SOCIAL SKILLS are enjoyable to learn by imitating hand and facial gestures such as peek-a-boo or waving hi & good-bye to convey their feelings toward others.


                          1 year to 2 year

Skool Kidz offer your toddler the space, age appropriate materials and stimulation they need to help quench their thirst for exploration. Skool Kidz introduce to them the skill of managing finger painting, simple crafts, counting, and building blocks. Each day is filled with fun activities, giving them the confidence to speak those first few important words, as well as making friends. They are learning to hold hands as we sing, learn to sit at their table to eat, along with potty training. 


                  3 year to 5 year

Your child at this age develops reasoning and problem solving skills. They begin to develop stronger social bonds with their group of friends. Their vocabulary, memory, and speech increase which is a great time to introduce flash cards, puzzles, crafts, along with plenty of active activities. All the children love to explore, use their imagination, play with musical instruments.

Skool Kidz Pre-K Curriculum include but is not limited to some of the activites below. 

A few activities we enjoy through out the day:

  • Painting
  • Story time
  • puzzles,
  • Music, Dance
  • Arts and Crafts
  • ABC's & 123's
  • Colors and Shapes
  • Basic computer skills age appropriate